We are proud to bring to you VIBRA-TAK Vibration Tachometers! Manufactered with US materials in the USA for the past 50 years. Precision built of high stress aluminum, practically indestructible, VIBRA-TAK is always ready for instant use by field men, engineers, or trouble-shooters! VIBRA-TAK has no intricate parts to get out of adjustment ... steel wire reed, with knurled tuning slide are the only moving parts.

VIBRA-TAK tells in a moment how much and how fast an object is vibrating. Now you can check vibrators, internal combustion engines, turbines, etc. ... even the RPM of power lawn mowers. VIBRA-TAK is especially effective in determining the RPM of grinders-- where over speed is dangerous and under speed is inefficient.


Instantly checks ...

Speed in RPM

Vibration in CPM

Equipment Efficiency

Location of "dead spots" and unwanted vibrations

Range: 2000 to 21,000

It's small size enables accurate readings to be taken even on hard-to-reach equipment. Deep-etched scale gives direct readings from 2000 to 21,000 ... higher speeds, register and can be closely estimated. VIBRA-TAK will not show RPM of completely vibrationless rotating parts and will not pick up speed of motors running under 2,000 RPM.

To check RPM of internal combustion engines, remember the VIBRA-TAK vibration indicator gives the number of power impulses. Therefore, in a 2-cycle engine, divide the reading by the number of cylinders. When checking electric motors of vibrators, the instrument is read directly.

     VIBRA-TAK $49.95


Range: 200 to 2,000

VIBRA-TAK introduces its great new ... SLO-TAK for slow-speed vibration checking! Now you can check RPM speed and amplitude of vibration quickly, easily and accurately. Its small size enables accurate readings to be taken on hard-to-reach equipment. Deep-etched scale gives direct readings from 200 to 2,000. Even higher speeds register and can be closely estimated.

     SLO-TAK $65.95 


Enjoy both the VIBRA-TAK and SLO-TAK in our affordable DUO-TAK PAK! Now you can have the complete speed and vibration checking range in just 2 precise instruments with handy carrying case ...

     DUO-TAK $112.95


Every VIBRA-TAK product is guaranteed for life against defects in workmanship and/or materials ... and against damage incurred in normal use of instruments. Send tachometer (with $5 to help defer handling and mail charges within the USA, international shipping extra) to:

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